Consistent with latest experiences, Apple has ordered an extraordinarily large, with reference to the iPhone 4G, with its suppliers and factories positioned in China.

The producer of the iPhone 4G, Foxconn, seems to received orders  from Cupertino to ship as many as 24 million units of the new aircraft for at least this year, with deliveries starting in June and extending to 4.5 million units in the first half, then 19.5 million units for the rest of the year.



It would be a phased deployment of the product to try to meet a m
aximum demand.

These data reinforce the hypothesis Digitimes that Apple could announce the new iPhone launch on June 7 at the WWDC.

On the technical side of the unit, we learn that high resolution screen of the iPhone 4G (960 × 640 pixels) would adopt the technology (IPS (In-Plane Switching, ed) with an angle of view and extra large FFS (Fringe field switching, ie) with a higher quality screen and an excellent response times to touch technology used. Remember, the manufacturers have won the contract to produce the screens of the iPhone 4G are LG and Prime View International.

These adjustments were necessary in order to optimize the reading of an e-book and therefore suggest an opening iBookStore planned for the iPhone in June.

As for the processor, it is now certain that the processor used is the famous ARM Cortex A8 is already used in the iPad, and include 512MB of RAM from Samsung Electronics, which is double the current capacity.
These new specifications should optimize to an increasing extent the new features offered in the next iPhone OS including multitasking.

Regarding the battery, more fuel efficient thanks to new processor used, it is produced by International Technology Simplo Dynapack.

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