25 Reasons Why iPhone 5s is better than Samsung Galaxy S5


Sma-App In April this year, the Galaxy S5 officially went on sale in 150 countries and for the first month , according to Samsung sold 11 million units. PhoneBuff talked about in a video: 25 Reasons Why iPhone 5s better flagship smartphone Samsung. The first advantage of the iPhone 5s before the Korean competitor is the premium design and the device shape, which has an aluminum body, seen by many as a benchmark of quality .

Compact luxury unit from Apple with a 4-inch screen is much more convenient than 5.1 -inch Galaxy S5. An important advantage is the availability of the iPhone 5s mute button, allowing easy mute when a person is in an important meeting or in a movie theater . Another bonus – Dual LED- flash , called “True Tone” by Apple, along with two LEDs with different colors . They work with different intensity to adjust the room brightness and provide better lighting at night . In addition, the iPhone 5s has more convenient location dynamics i, t sounds louder and clearer when the unit is on a level surface . Another unique iPhone 5s feature is the M7- co-processor, continuously monitors smartphone activities and transmits data to mobile applications .

Thereby fitness programs running in the background, do not affect the battery life of the device. Other iPhone 5s benefits compared to the Galaxy S5, according to observers , lie in the firmware, which is more secure and easy to use than other mobile platforms . In contrast to Android works on the Korean unit , there are not many branded applications like Apple services, including voice assistant Siri, iTunes, AirDrop, AirPlay, Find My iPhone and more .

Applications in the App Store for more quality and reliable , to ascertain PhoneBuff. In the iOS no preset operator programs that have Galaxy S5 and which can not be removed from the device , without the root- access.

Earlier, The New York Times conducted a comparison between the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5, concluded that the Korean product from Samsung lost to the Apple smartphone “virtually in all important parameters for the user .” Experts note that the factor in choosing a smartphone is based on the operating system .

The main advantage of the device the Smsung smartphone to the iPhone 5s is the fact the longer battery life, moisture protection and a larger display of the Galaxy s5 . The first two parameters , according to observers , are quite minor . And the situation should be fixed with the latest Apple release this Fall with the 4.7 -inch and 5.5 -inch models of the iPhone 6.

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