At first, Pangu said he had prepared to jailbreak iOS 8.3, but TAIG “stole his wallet” and beat him. Now, 25pp has done the same launching the first tool to jailbreak iOS 8.1-8.4 for Mac. We know that the jailbreak 25pp is based on the code TAIG, but we do not know is to what extent has the same fault and which have been corrected, so I do not know if recommended installation

TAIG jailbreak had a serious security failure that allow an application to take control of the entire device, but that ruling was arranged in one of the newer versions TAIG launched. It is possible that 25pp has failed (remember that your jailbreak is stolen) correct this security breach and still present in the tool have now released for Mac.

If, despite everything, want to install the jailbreak, the process is very simple. You only need to run the application, make sure the box is not checked you see in the image and tap “jailbreak”. Then expect to complete the process and already have. He does not miss it.

As always, iPhone News is not responsible for any problems that you may experience during or after the process. If you decide to install, it is solely your responsibility. Moreover, the good that 25pp has released a Mac version is that TAIG want to keep up and we will provide a Mac version soon. Given that an update to iOS in the short term is not expected, I recommend patience and using the original tool, which is none other than developed by TAIG.

Download PP jailbreak from an alternative server here [Fast Mirror]

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