3.1M iPhones sold by Verizon in 2012 Q3, 650K (21 percent) were iPhone 5



Verizon the largest carrier announced its quarterly (q3) earnings on Thursday morning, revealing that the total of 3.1 M iPhones sold in the quarterly span, with 650K of those being the Apple iPhone 5.

The Apple iPhone 5 sales represent just a week’s worth of the Verizon’s Sept. month quarter. The iPhone 5 went on sale in Sept. in the U.S. at carriers Sprint, Verizon & AT&T.

Verizon’s successes are the first sign of new iPhone 5 sales since the Apple announced it had sold five million units in the iPhone 5 launch date in Sept. That figure was lesser than investors expected, as Apple struggled to keep up with production & demands.


While Verizon wire-less carrier service is the largest carrier in the U.S., sales of new iPhone 5 are typically bigger at AT&T wire-less services, because it was Apple’s elite carrier associate for years. AT&T will show its quarterly growth on Oct. 24, while Apple will show its sales result a day later.

 The new iPhone 5 accounted for 46% of the 6.8 M smart phones sold by Verizon.

Android phone sold by Verizon wire -much less within the quarter used to be three.four M. The iPhone & Android accounted for six.5 M of the 6.eight M complete good telephones bought.

Lowell Macadam, Verizon CEO & chairman mentioned “Verizon Wire-much less continues to do a great job of matching boom & profitability”.

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