Fidacaro Jeffrey, an analyst at Susquehanna Monetary Team, Apple gave the order to start manufacturing assemblers iPhone appropriate with usual community “CDMA”, within the month of December. The determine of three million iPhones CDMA programs merchandise – a launch deliberate for early 2011 – had been mentioned.


The productions of iPhone “GSM” and “CDMA” would total between 21 million and 22 million units produced for the last quarter of this year.

These figures are “well above expectations of investors,” notes the analyst who said they had been more cautious following the production problems encountered with the particular product by LG LCD, now resolved.

Fidacaro expects Apple to reach a record 11.6 million iPhone sales for the fourth quarter of this year. It would be an increase of 39% compared to 8.4 million units sold by the Cupertino company in the third quarter of fiscal 2010.
“With the launch of the iPhone four planned in China on Sept. 25 and expected product availability to end in 88 countries, we hope this will increase the financial results for the fourth quarter,” he says. “Our information indicates d Besides Apple is always very focused on current production – the mass – the four white iPhone “.

On the iPad, assemblers have planned to build seven million units for the current quarter, an increase of 56% compared to production figures of the previous three months. Mr. Fidacaro speculates that Apple could deliver 4.75 million units in the current quarter – which represent 45% growth over previous quarter – finally reaching 13.4 million units sold 2010.
Susquehanna Financial Group believes that the action AAPL could soon reach $365.[via  Apple Insider ]

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