30 second auto-lock in iOS 9



The release of iOS Version 9 final mark the arrival of so many new features on the iPhone iPad. Yet there is a difference in terms of more or less older devices. But the good news is that iPhone (even on the 4s) we saw land a new timing for the automatic locking. So far, the user could select a minimum duration of 1 minute (maximum 5 minutes). Now, Apple added 30 seconds. This innovation was made for reasons linked to the autonomy of the iPhone that is not his strong point – even though there is also the arrival of the new function of the “Power Saving” mode saves hours of calls – reducing iPhone’s performance.

The auto lock after 30 seconds can be very useful if you forget to lock it manually, but it can also be annoying to see the screen turn off and close so quickly especially if you admire your latest shots by example.

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