When it seemed we started to meet some precise details and even pictures of the HTC One M9, then displayed data on HTC One M9 Plus, a new larger version of the smartphone, which will also highlight for some advanced features, never before had been present in the HTC One.

One of the great innovations, and you can see in the first picture is the Home button. As you can see, this button is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the truth is that we had never seen a similar button on any smartphone HTC One. It would make no sense that this button was present except for the fact that it could be a fingerprint reader. The smartphone could compete with the iPhone 6 Plus, and this should have similar features. Of course, we hope that this button does not work like the Samsung Galaxy S5, and yes as that seems to be present in the Samsung Galaxy S6.


Another photo shows us that the smartphone will also feature a Dual Chamber. This feature is not surprising, because it was so in the case of HTC One M8. This Dual Chamber will be able to measure the depth of field and change the visual effects on the picture to blur the background, for example.

However, all this must be added the technical specifications that have been published along with these pictures. Probably the most noteworthy is the screen, which will be longer than the standard size, hence what the Plus, with a screen that will become 5.5 inches. In addition, termination shall Quad HD, so we’re talking about a high quality screen. The processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 would be precisely that which is rumored to have overheating problems and therefore have installed Samsung Exynos processor in Galaxy S6. However, LG says it does not have the same problems with the same processor in the LG G Flex 2, so that these problems should not have to affect the HTC One M9 Plus. The RAM 3 GB confirmed to be a smartphone at the highest level.


The information comes from Leaksfly, and although it does not seem strange as their technical characteristics are concerned, yes we miss most the Home button with the fingerprint reader. The design that remains is strange in what are usually the HTC. Perhaps fit plus a fingerprint reader on the back cover, as we have seen in other HTC. However, the possibility that the picture is false does not mean that the characteristics also are. Would not be the first time a fake photograph is used to illustrate a novelty that later has a different design, but is present in the smartphone. The HTC One M9 Plus could be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2015, like the HTC One M9. Thus, we would have two high-end smartphones, one with a camera high quality standard of 20 megapixels and a slightly smaller screen, and another with Dual Camera and a larger screen. Will have to wait until early March to see what has the company, which seems to show signs of economic recovery.


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