33 new and Cydia updated tweaks compatible with iOS 8



No matter how many times Apple release new firmware to patch loophole with previous version, developers always come up with jailbreak exploit to unlock different features,. Regardless or whether or not Apple exhortations about the “risks posed by unauthorized modification of iOS”. Release jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 TaiGJBreak this week proved the determination of hackers seeking to allow users access to Cydia.

Over time, more and more applications from unofficial directory receive updates for compatibility with iOS. Also, go out and completely new design. MacDigger offers 33 useful jailbreak tweak that can be installed and used on devices with iOS 8. Many of the solutions are free.

New tweaks this week

AdaptiveCC – makes compact control point (free).

AdvancedSettings8 – press and hold the Settings icon to access the fine-tuning (for free).

AlwaysFirstSwipe – shows from the first control point and notification center in full screen mode (for free).

AppelLocker – allows you to unlock your application using facial recognition technology ($ 0.99).

AppHeads – new multitasking for iOS-style Facebook ChatHeads ($ 4,99).

Automa – tweak stores preferences for pop-ups ($ 1.99).

CCfix 8 – solves the problem that the control point does not always appear on the lock screen (for free).

Centrum – carries Notification Center OS X Yosemite for iPad ($ 0,99).

DathUI – customization of some aspects of the user interface ($ 2.50).

Facebook Messenger Essentials – Tweaking messenger Facebook (free).

Instagram No Bar – allows you to remove the status bar in the application Instagram (free).

LockStatusClock – replaces the slider Center for notifications on the lock screen clock (free).

NoLongPressKeys – disables extended hold the keys to the regular keyboard (for free).

noNoSimAlert 8 – removes warning “is not inserted SIM-card” on the iPhone and iPad (Free).

NoPhotosCollections – removes the tab collection of photo app (free).

Pyx -supplemented animation cards in the multitasking bar ($ 0.99).

Safari No Bar Fullscreen – removes the status bar in Safari (for free).

Safe Alarm Pro – allows you to specify an arbitrary volume for alarm mode “Snooze”, vibration and other ($ 0.99).

STUCalendar – replaces the inscription “Unlock” the current date (for free).

WatchBoard – A better interface clock Apple Watch for the iPhone and iPad ($ 3,99 – Review)

WiFried – solves the problem with Wi-Fi in iOS 8 (free of charge).

BioLockdown – lock applications, settings in the control via Touch ID ($ 2,99 – review).

BounceNotify8 – bouncing icon in the dock when you receive a notification (free)

Handsbesplatno 2 – the ability to answer the call with a wave of the hand ($ 0.99).

iTouchSecure – insert passwords using Touch ID ($ 4,99).

Lyricsxplorer – the ability to create and edit texts of songs in the Music app (free).

NCMemo – notes handy widget for Notification Center (free).

NowListening – banner with the name of the track by changing the composition (for free).

PowerBanners – banner instead of modal window low battery (for free).

Programmable SMS – allows you to create, edit and delete actions Activator to send messages (for free).

Smartwatch + – a useful solution for users hours Pebble ($ 4,99).

Virtual Home 8 – use Touch ID sensor instead of pressing Home ($ 1,49 – Review)

WinterBoard – interface customization iOS (free).

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