36 percent of iPhone 4S Buyers Comes from Other Platforms


The Client Intelligence Analysis Companions has launched a brand new survey on "iPhone 4S" and as a result given up fascinating insights into the shopping for conduct. For that reason, to 21 p.c of the shoppers for the variant with sixty four GB of reminiscence to come to a decision, even though the version will value round $829 . Relating to the excessive value continues to be a substantial quantity have been additionally 36 p.c of purchases so-known as "switch passengers," the opposite structures – is switched to the iPhone 4S – corresponding to Android, BlackBerry OS, or webOS.

Iphone-4s (1)

Therefore, Apple could also win some customers with this iPhone for themselves. Is also not to despise that 49 percent of customers buying the iPhone 4S have sold their old iPhone, and have thus performed an upgrade, although the expectations of consumers have not been met allegedly. It was also mentioned that the on-line orders have dropped by 43 percent to 33 percent for the launch. The above figures are roughly consistent with the analysis of Piper Jaffray in October last year to start selling iPhone 4S.


From personal experience I know that you can knock out good and happy for up to 80% of the original purchase price.But not all of them have sold their old iPhone, as they previously had none at all. SO 36% of the buyers of the iPhone 4S came from a different platform – such as Android, BlackBerry OS, or webOS. It would be interesting to know how many iPhone users will switch to a different platform

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