The continuing litigation between Samsung and Apple finds many attention-grabbing important points in terms of the cellular merchandise of each corporations. In this case, a journeying professional said that many consumers are perplexed in relation to make the variation between Apple and Samsung  units.  

Past this week, Apple known as as a witness in a courtroom major market researcher Kent Vaughn Liera. Consistent with the analyst testimony, each 0.33 purchaser is also unsuitable Apple merchandise and Samsung and purchase a Korean system through mistake.

Kent performed analysis confirmed that 38% of respondents incorrectly outlined smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fascinate, pictured within the photo as a fabricated from Apple. 37% of respondents took the phone Galaxy S II Epic 4G Cupertino for the product manufacturer.

Study of tablet PCs, in which users showed video images of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with logo or without logo, found that in the first case, 6%, while the second – 19% had the device for the iPad.

The Korean side questioned the study of Apple, claiming that in the course of the experiment users were not asked about the intention to acquire the
device did not give out food in his hands and did not compare gadgets with similar products from LG and Motorola.


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