Turn Your iPhone SE into iPhone 6s With This Kit


Turn Your iPhone SE into iPhone 6s With THis Kit

This latest tweak comes from China? A kit with tools that allows to turn the iPhone SE into an iPhone 6s to obtain both power and design of the expensive model of  Apple smartphone. With this kit, you can turn your iPhone SE into iPhone 6s with 4-inch screen display, replacing the rear shroud in the iPhone 5s with a style that has rounded edges and is identical in design to the iPhone 6s. Mounting is by no means simple and is recommended only for experienced technicians. Computer Bild has tried to mount this kit and let people know that to do so they had to call one of the most talented engineers on your team, who has spent more than two hours to complete the task (including a very complex solution to prevent the battery move into the new houses). In short, if you have never opened an iPhone in your life, you stay away from this kit.

For the rest, this Chinese shell is entirely identical to that of the original iPhone 6s (logo included), except for the size. Obviously, the quality of materials is much lower (for example, the Lightning connector is not perfectly flush with the body), but for $20 you can’t get any better.

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