iphone curve patent

iphone curve patentAll rumors about the iPhone this year say what will be presented in September will be an iPhone 7 with a very similar design to the iPhone 6 / 6s, since no 3.5mm headset and a possible dual camera. But this year is nothing special in the world Apple. What may come next year there is speculation that the iPhone 2017 will AMOLED, which would not be surprised in a model sophomores, since it would be one of the points that would promote in his presentation, and a new design , something that would break the cycle of two years of iPhone designs.

As you all know, next year is 2017 and the other important thing that year will be: the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. That is the main reason why many circulating rumors that come with a different design to the iPhone 7. In addition, the iPhone 7 will come with minor changes in design makes us think that Apple did not want to focus their efforts in a design that would hold only one year on the market, so we could say that lengthen design 2014 a year.

The latest rumor comes from someone who certainly sound familiar if you read news about Apple: KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst has delivered a note to investors in ensuring that the 2017 iPhone will come with significant design changes. Tim Cook and company, all according to Kuo, would abandon aluminum and would manufacture an iPhone with glass body.

Moreover, the iPhone describing KGI analyst arrive with the long-awaited by some users AMOLED, whose best-known properties are consuming less energy when used black backgrounds, offers more vivid colors and are flexible. The last of the mentioned properties and Kuo claim that the device will be covered with glass allows us to unleash our imagination, and when we have seen Apple patents as that of the previous image. In any case, still we have to wait about 17 months to see if Kuo is right this time or not

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