Along with the beta version of iOS, Apple also released second betas of tvOS 9.2.1, watchOS 2.2.1,  and OS X 10.11.5. Given that has come something new in the new beta of iOS, such as the possibility of using the low power mode and Night Shift at the same time, we can not rule out any news arrives to other systems.


As you all know, the youngest of all Apple operating system is tvOS. The first betas were full of changes that served us in advance to know what we would see in the final version. From tvOS 9.2 and betas, changes already have been reducing their number, so we can not say that notable developments are expected in the second beta of tvOS 9.2.1. In addition, we talk about one that comes after another that included important new features like the ability to create folders, Dictation or multitasking with iOS 9 release image.


In addition, it is expected that both OS X 10.11.5 as watchOS 2.2.1 come with minor corrections. I can be wrong, but at this time no one has discovered any important news can only be for one reason: there are none. Being already two months from the Worldwide Developer Conference 2016, most likely is that developers are focusing their efforts on iOS 10, OS X 10.12 , watchOS 3.0 and tvOS 10. Logically, until Mark Gurman not speak to us of the innovations that come with the new operating systems hours before the event, we can not know which ones included. In any case, we will leave doubts within about two months.

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