Apple Music to be completely redesigned at WWDC 2016


apple music

The first rumor about the WWDC 2016 start today with Apple Music. Bloomberg in an article that was published earlier. bout the new version of Apple Tim Cook Music and presented at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2016 which will begin on June 13.  This afternoon, Bloomberg had published information that claimed that Apple wanted to make changes in their musical applications, one of which was somehow merge iTunes Music Store with the application.

According Gurman, Apple has been working on the next version of Apple Music since late last year. So it seems, the company directed by Tim Cook would have taken into account the customer complaints since, but would not have wanted to launch a new version premature satisfied that there would be anyone. The new version of Apple Music, a service that already has 13 million subscribers, will see its interface suffers visual changes, adds a few new features while reorganize and functions that we have available in the current version is simplified.

The first thing you’ll notice in the new Apple Music is that the design will be simpler and the colors will become darker. For example, the user interface when we are watching a disc no longer change color depending on the cover of it. In addition, the cover will be much bigger to avoid having gaps in black and white colors. 3D Touch gestures will also be added and can better share the songs. What it will remain practically the same will Connect, the kind of social network that does not seem to be having much success .

Gurman also says that more will use the font San Francisco, but this will not be an exclusive innovation of the new application for Apple Music. Apple plans to start using the new font in all applications, operating systems, websites and everything related to Apple.


The downside is that to enjoy the new version of Apple Music’ll have to wait until September, although this is something we could imagine. Apple will make a new application in iOS 10 so that so wish can try in just over a month if you choose to install the beta. The developments also come to other devices in the form of a new iTunes for Mac and redesigned to tvOS Music application.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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