Apple has released a new version of iOS 9.3.2, ie, a modified version of the already launched on May 16 with a fix to the issues causing the 9.7-inch iPad Pro not start after installing the latest version of iOS. The update is already appearing via OTA and, if not yet available, will also appear in iTunes in the next half hour.

To recap a bit, shortly after Apple released iOS 9.3.2, some users began reporting that its 9.7-inch iPad Pro could not start the system, so that, as they say, the update had left his iPad who I was only month and a half of life at best, as a nice paperweight. When trying to reinstall the system with iTunes, the affected users saw the Error 56, so we all remember a similar error (53) that prevented users could restore an iPhone, in theory, the security and privacy of users. Apple did not take long to release an update to remedy that error, and so has done this time.


Users who installed the initial release of iOS 9.3.2 do not have to do anything. This new version has been released solely for one purpose: the owners of an iPad Pro 9.7 inch can upgrade without fear that they block your iPad and on the other hand, those who were affected by this problem, for whatever reason, they could not take your tablet to an Apple Store to exchange it can restore and install the system without problems.

Apple took too long to find the solution, which would not be bad as long as they take their time to ensure that problems do not appear after releasing a final version of iOS, something that seems to not happen in Cupertino. As always, we can only hope to restore confidence in these releases and we can upgrade without fear that something happens to our device iOS.

iOS 9.3.2 13F72 for 9.7-inch iPad Pro can be found on our download page.

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