While the trend of smartphones is to move towards even more finesse and lightness, Apple did the opposite this year with its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Indeed, they prove to be heavier and thicker compared to the iPhone 6 and iPhone Over 6 last year. The reason is notably linked to the fact that the company uses aluminum 7000, the same as Apple Watch Sport, but mostly they board a new screen integrating technology “3D Touch”.

The latter has a feature to allow the recognition of the pressure of the finger on the screen to assign different actions such as Peek and Pop we were talking about in this post: iPhone 6s: What ‘Peek and Pop’ ?.


For example, the screen of the iPhone 6 weighs 12 grams while the weight of the iPhone 6s is 24 grams, which is twice the weight of the model last year. Taken together, the iPhone 6s and 6s More weigh more than 14 grams respectively and 20 grams than the previous generation. It’s not huge and almost imperceptible to the user, but the extra weight is still there. However, the iPhone 6s aluminum 7000 allows  to receive one gram less, then so added 2 grams on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple opted for this alloy to provide more resistance devices and still avoid a problem “Bendgate” folding iPhone 6 Plus that had been around the web last year.

To recap, the price of the iPhone 6s starts at $699 for the 16GB version, it increases to $799 for the 64GB and goes to $899 for 128GB. iPhone 6s Plus which is already out everywhere, the price ranges from $799 for 16GB at $899 for the 64GB version, and ends at $999 for 128GB. These prices are the same for all colors, Apple makes no difference at this level. They are already available for pre-order on the Apple Online Store. Direct sales will begin starting September 25 in the Apple Store and other retailers as well.

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