First users to purchase the iPhone or iPhone 6s / 6s Plus found that in the 3D Touch settings, there is hidden in accessibility settings. Among the options were limited to enable or disable, adjust the sensitivity and test the function. But also, there is a hidden function is disabled by default: Peek Zoom (“Peek” is the word that Apple used the gesture of “look” using the 3D Touch).

Peek Zoom is hidden in Settings / General / Accessibility / Zoom and needs to be activated in two steps:

Step: 1: Turn on Zoom (done with a double tap with three fingers) and

Step 2: Activate Show the driver. Thereafter, when you press hard on the controller, see the screen zooms and returns to its original state when you stop pressing.

The driver is required to use Zoom Zoom Peek because it creates a circle on the screen that can function as a reference point where we must apply the pressure. Out of the way too, you can control the transparency of the controller to configure from 5% to 100%. It becomes clearly visible at the time of use,. When we are not using, the controller will become as transparent as we set.

This feature will be especially welcome for users with impaired vision, but not only for them. Anyone with vision problems or not, can expand an area with a little pressing force, which can come in handy on pages with very little text in which not want us to use two fingers to expand across the web.

Once again the Touch 3D is the future of touch screens, both for the system and for applications or games is demonstrated. Just wait a while until the developers include support in their applications, which seems they are already doing, at least the developers of popular applications.

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