3GB RAM iPhone 7 Plus Vs 2GB RAM iPhone 7



The iPhone 7 went through different types of tests. In one of these tests we could see as much RAM as the Galaxy S 7, which does not translate into better performance, but at that time also recognized that the comparison was not entirely fair. What seems more fair it is to check whether the 3G iPhone 7 Plus RAM compared to 2GB of his younger brother noticed.

As usual, in a video, there is a speed test in which both devices have to do two laps and a ‘circuit “in which they will have to open a number of applications, the same in each terminal. If we consider that both devices share processor and operating system, do you think that the extra gig of RAM 5.5-inch model will be noticed? The answer you have in the video below.

As you can see, in the first round the result is almost carbon copy, winning the iPhone 7 Plus for just 33 cents. If we consider the human factor, we can say that is a draw. Everything changes in the second round, when you have to open the applications that are in the background. That is when it shows they are not the same 2GB of RAM iPhone 7 3GB of RAM iPhone 7 Plus and second ends 10 seconds before the first.

Initially, analysts and Ming Chi Kuo said the iPhone 7 Plus have 3G of RAM that need that extra gig to manage information collected by the advanced camera, but I can not help thinking that Apple has wanted to give that extra in his greatest performance to invite us to buy the most expensive iPhone iPhone. And, to the iPhone 6s, iPhone 5.5 inch had a slightly lower model 4.7-inch performance, so that the Plus model was only higher than the normal model for its optical image stabilizer (OIS) and battery . Are you surprised these results?

(Source: PhoneBuff [YouTube])

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