Nest Labs, Inc. announced Tuesday a significant upgrade to its smart thermostat Nest. The new thermostat would be the third throwing, and more modern and efficient.

The smart home thermostat the company will have a screen that is 40 percent larger than the second-generation version and a resolution of 229ppi which is 25 percent better than its predecessor, according Nest. In addition the device will be thinner not excel both the wall. Nest confirmed that the thermostat will be compatible with your smoke detector and camera Protect Nest Nest Cam home.

Among the new features is the ability to interface after detecting motion at a distance of 20 feet anywhere in a room, to automatically display the time and the desired temperature. Also it tracks the heating system and notified if you notice any changes that might be problematic.
According Nest, the company has a record to demonstrate intelligent and efficient use of energy to save between 10 percent and 12 percent in heating costs and another 15 percent in the cost of air conditioning.
Nest Learning

Google acquired the company in Palo Alto in January 2014 for US $3.200 million. But now, Nest Labs, Inc., has formally become a subsidiary of the new parent company of Google, Alphabet.

The Nest third generation is now available through the Web pages Nest, Amazon and Best Buy. Soon come to physical stores and hardware electronics retailers. It will also be available by the operator Verizon. It costs US $249.
To boost sales of second-generation thermostat, Nest also announced that as of Tuesday may purchase the equipment for $199 until stocks are exhausted.

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