iphone 6

iphone 6

In less than 24 hours, Apple will unveil the iPhone 6.  The situation of iOS 8 and iWatch 8 on the other hand is more complex: the first has not yet reached the Gold Master version and have lost track of the last Beta, it seems that Cupertino company has released it only to authorized phone carrier; on the second information is more fragmentary and some sources claim that will not be announced before 2015, while continuing to focus on the Reuters Keynote tomorrow.

The latest rumors on the network would seem to give the agency reason the British press, but in the absence of confirmation of the doubts remain. If Reuters was right, iOS Gold Master 8 might come out at the same time the marketing model 4.7 inch iPhone 6, followed at a short distance from the stable version and the final, while iWatch officers would arrive in stores in the second half of the month of October.

This is not the first time a name for the 5.5-inch iPhone mentioned. Other reports indicated that the past would be called iPhone 6 L. Macotakara also mentions that the colors will be the same iPhone 5S: gold, silver and gray space. Also, the storage capacities would be the same starting from 16GB to 64GB; 128GB version is unlikely to be released.

Furthermore, the French site said both iPhone models will be announced at the same event on September 9, removing doubts whether the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 would be presented at a later event. Similarly, both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones will hit the shelves on September 19th, ten days after its official announcement.

It was thought that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 would not be announced Tuesday September 9 some problems in their manufacture. The differences from the model will not only be 4.7 inches in size. According to some reports, the iPhone 6 will have a  sapphire display and iOS 8 firmware for a better productivity.

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