4.7-inch iPhone 6 to be released in September, 5.5-inch model is delayed until the end of the year


iPhone-6-05Another news from Asia – iPhone 6 really come in two variants. However, their announcement is likely to take place at different times.

As reported today Asian sources , mass production of the new iPhone 6 will start in July this year. However, it is only about a 4.7- inch model. And here is a version with a 5.5- inch screen will go into production in September. The reason for that – some production difficulties directly related to the big screen .

It’s not clear how Apple will go in this situation . It can , as planned , to announce 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in September , with a release fableta moved to later date. But it is also possible that the new smartphones will be presented at the same time , but the model available with a 5.5- inch screen does not go in September, and , for example, in November.

By the way, yesterday we had the opportunity to look at the iPhone 6 renderings created by recent drawings from Japanese sources. And recently the cellular operators from China ” secret ” was told that the great hopes for the new apple smartphones that will attract the attention of the local audience .

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