Although not as talked about in most rumors, the battery like is always a major concern for users and Apple has always boasted of being one of the main virtues of their iDevices . Can we expect to remain the same with the iPhone 6?   Apparently, we can expect even better, since the battery capacity could be increased for up to 40% on the the next-gen iPhone compared to previous generation, according to reports.

One of the inevitable consequences of the expected growth of the Display of the next generation of iPhone to the 4.7 inches is obviously a higher consumption , especially if eventually were to come true the rumors that pointed to a higher resolution also for iPhone 6 (although they seem less and less plausible) . Fortunately, it seems that we have no reason to worry about autonomy , but instead might expect even improvements in this section.

2,100 mAh battery for iPhone 6?

A few weeks ago, some images showing the alleged iPhone 6 battery, revealing their capacity 1810 mAh would eventually, but for all those this improvement over its predecessor them seem insufficient, it appears that some analysts have good news for them, they claim that the battery of this image was to test a model that will actually finally 2100 mAh , representing nearly a 40% higher the iPhone 5S (1560 mAh).

The news is quite interesting addition, if we add speculation to suggest that the iPhone 6 is the thinnest of all iPhone so far, even the 6 mm thickness (interestingly, the same will have the Alpha Galaxy ) could cause concern that Apple had to give up ability to mount batteries with higher capacity that the 4.7-inch device requires.

Fortunately, as it was reported yesterday, there not much we can find out, we will  for sure once and for all find out  as Apple has summoned the media for an event on September 9

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