4-inch iPhone 6c to be as colorful as the iPod Touch



The iPhone 7 is not expected until next fall, but rumors of the next generation of Apple upcoming smartphone has already been circulating for weeks.  A new mockup shows how the iPhone 6c, the device that Apple is expected to launch by early 2016 will look like. Apple plans to surprise us this Spring with the first iPhone ever released at this time, the iPhone 6c could be the device with 4-inch that Apple has ever launched, with extremely similar to the iPhone 6 design but at a reduced size to please a niche of users of small screen has always been quite common in the Apple environment. iPhone 6c will be colorful just like the last generation iPod Touch, very bright, and deep in the body unibody metal, abandoning once the “plastic” that was criticized as iPhone 5c.

According to rumors circulating for days, 9to5Mac has created a mockup showing the possible design of the iPhone 6c, 4-inch smartphone with which Apple wants to offer a new device with small dimensions and the more affordable price.

But it is not only on the outside, the most recent report of KGI expected to come accompanied by a A9 processor, input model 16 GB of storage, NFC technology to support payment system Apple Pay, 2GB of RAM and as you would expect, the first version of Touch ID. The same company analysts, KGI, is the same as predicted 6c iPhone launch in spring this year.


In addition, the battery would be another element that would change for the better, increasing 100mAh more than the amount currently presented. However, we can forget the support 3D Touch screens, a technology that will continue to be exclusive to higher-end devices from Apple. We do not expect is the inclusion of OLED screens that had been predicting since Apple is questionable among suppliers and it seems that the arrival of this display technology is not expected until at least 2018.

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