4-inch iPhone 6c To Possibly Launch in Mid-2016



The arrival of a new, less expensive iPhone would have a 4-inch screen has been rumored for  quite sometime now, which would be a repeat of the iPhone 5c. The fact is that to be called iPhone 6c should have come this year when the iPhone 6, and spent 12 months on the market, but we are in November and seems to not see it in 2015. Anyway, according to the research director IHS Technology Kevin Wang, the iPhone is already being prepared and finally arrive in mid-2016.

As usual in these cases, it has commented on the Chinese Twitter, Weibo, and has not given more details. But what he says makes sense? From my point of view, too. If that seems to come another 4-inch model for people who may not like as big screens but, for starters, do not seem to call iPhone 6c continue with the roadmap Apple. IPhone 5c came the year after the launch of the iPhone 5 and not two years later as the iPhone would 6c.

Moreover, an iPhone launch three months before the new model could confuse users who would see a “light pattern” before the summer. Minc-Chi Kuo The analyst also said the iPhone to 4 inches come in mid-2016, and so are the two sources that secure. Looking for logic, it is possible that all iPhone models are launched before the summer, something that ensures the odd rumor, and that the 4-inch model is a mini or trimmed version of the iPhone in July, which I think It would make more sense if it were not that would advance the launch of the new iPhone model, which not think possible.

The iPhone 6c will have the Apple A9 processor co-processor alongside the M9, Touch ID and be compatible with Apple Pay, but would not include 3D Touch. And about the price, because no one should expect it to be cheap. What would buy yet?

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