4-inch iPhone to be named ‘iPhone 5e’, Not iPhone 6c

iPhone, courtesy of Martin Hajek.

According to these rumors from inside sources at Foxconn, Apple would have decided to call this device “iPhone 5e” to identify it as a smartphone powered than the 5s. Until the arrival of the iPhone 6 iPhone 5c was very well received, many users opted for this model in the range of colors in which it is marketed, and above all we are talking about users who could not care less that your iPhone has 1GB of RAM (memory that is planned for next iPhone 5e).

It also says that this future 4-inch iPhone could only have 16GB and 64GB (most demanded in the iPhone’s capabilities). Also it is said that will have a very similar design to the current iPhone 6 and the range of existing aluminum today. We’ll see about making Apple and marketing options they give us. Rumor about an Apple event in March, and this could be the month in which the next iPhone 5e.

This device should have the A8 processor with 1GB of RAM and denominations of 16 and 64 gigabytes. The iPhone 5e should support LTE and the Voice over LTE calls for high quality audio. The price will be around probably around $ 500. As always, Remember that it is just a rumor and that Apple has not officially announced anything.

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