41% of mobile users considering buying the iPhone 5


In view that we have already got the authentic date of the launch adventure of&#one hundred sixty;iPhone&#one hundred sixty;, and greater than imaginable time to market (&#one hundred sixty;October 14th ), the media are starting to ask about the success that can be between mobile users.


Well, since a study was conducted in several countries to answer the question. The survey was conducted in the U.S. , Canada and Mexico , which gives a better overview due to the different cultures and that Canada is the manufacturer of Blackberry . The final data tells us that 41% of current mobile users are interested in upgrading your handset with the release of iPhone 5 .

A few months ago Nielson's conducted a study of the percentages of mobile users in the U.S. according to your OS, finding a 28% data for the IOS and not varying from the first quarter. This tells us that, as on the day people are more interested in changing their phone, but would have to see the results right after the presentation, because as we see, is reduced 4S get an iPhone instead of a remodel more broad terminal.

We'll see how the issue evolves, hopefully from Cupertino and we have made efforts to bring important developments. What I am sure of is that the iPhone 5 triumph as his older brothers.


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