Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs iPhone 8 Dummy Model Compararison



Today we are going to see a size comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8, which is shown again in a model above.

The Note 8 has been a terminal that has fallen in love with everyone because of its design. While it is true that has not changed much about the Galaxy S8, has improved the little that had to improve this terminal except the position of the fingerprint sensor. We found a larger terminal, with more square edges, a SPen and a screen diagonal of 6.3 inches. A terminal made to reign in the high range.

On the other hand, the iPhone 8 has been rumored to be smaller. It will have a screen bigger than its brother, the iPhone 7s Plus, since it has 5.5 and the new iPhone 8 with 5.8-inch display, but having an all-screen design we will find an equally compact terminal than the Galaxy S8 Normal, without passing the 15 centimeters and moving away much of what is the size of Note 8.

The design of the new iPhone can already be said to have been confirmed, and it will carry an all-screen design except for the part of the upper speaker, with a glass back and a double upright camera. At the moment this is the only thing we know since we do not know anything about the hardware and only some details of its price. This terminal will not compete with Note 8 in certain aspects, since one is focused on the market for phablets and another will follow the same path as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

In this image we see the differences of its size, and is that they will be totally different terminals. The Note 8 being 0.5 inches larger is going to be a targeted terminal for people who want productivity on a phablet with the SPen, while the iPhone 8 will highlight how compact it is. Other details to note is that the two would have two cameras and a glass back.

We have to say that this image of the iPhone 8 is not the terminal of the real Apple, but it is a model of the design filtering in recent months, which aims to be the definitive. We’ll have to wait until September 12th to really see what Apple has in store for us.

(source: MacRumors)

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