Speaking of the Face ID, Schiller said that Apple manages to have a gear more than the competition because it makes software and hardware. For this reason, the great strength of Face ID is precisely the perfect integration with iOS.

Apple’s head of marketing explains that, when Apple realized that it was time to replace the Home button, the company soon had time to understand how to best manage Siri, Apple Pay and Touch ID: “All the problems are been resolved with Face ID, thanks to a truly unique implementation “. And on the competition:

“All the facial recognition made by other manufacturers work much worse and do not have the characteristics of the Face ID. We are aware that the Home button has changed the way you use smartphones and that many users have become accustomed to that single click to return to the main screen, but with Face ID things will be even better. Without key Home we had to manage the Touch ID, multitasking, the ability to activate Siri and to use Apple Pay. We had to solve all these problems and we did it with face recognition “.

Schiller reassures users about privacy, because face data is saved locally. In addition, information that can be captured by third-party apps always maintain anonymity and there is no risk to the user:

“ID data is not visible to third-party developers. What the user uses to unlock the phone via Face ID is an encrypted algorithm that is managed locally by the Secure Enclave. All apps that want to access TrueDepth data go through an even stricter review process. Developers must be clear in their privacy policies, the data they are using and how they are used. The user must always know what is happening and can choose to authorize the app or not. He always has control “.

As for the enhanced and default reality, Schiller noted that the latter is not yet clear, and as a first step, Apple has provided support for it through the second generation of Metal in the MacOS system, so that developers of virtual reality applications and content can do this on Apple computers . This in turn gives them time to see the possibilities of those technologies and the area that those interested in them can open.

Enhanced reality is another world that will change applications in its current form because it is a technology that relies on bringing digital data to the reality of the real user. This is something that does not require much research.

Finally, and about the delay of HomePod devices, “Schiller” said that Apple wants to access the device when it is ready only. And is currently addressing all the problems that hinder the introduction of a unique user experience that reflects Apple’s true identity

(Source: Bright.nl)

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