Android P Features HDR VP9 Video And HEIF Media Format




After the many rumors in these days here is finally available the first highly anticipated preview of Android P, with many small graphic novelties that wink at the iPhone X.

The Mobile World Congress 2018 has established a rather clear concept; the much criticized / beloved notch of the iPhone X has become the trademark of these early months of 2018, thanks to several competing brands that have decided to introduce the “notch” on their top of the range and many other brands that will most likely introduce news (including the expected Huawei P20 that will be presented in Paris in a few weeks).

Even Android P shows immediately the desire to offer full support to the notch introducing some changes to the status bar such as the time that moves to the left and the notification icons that can be up to a maximum of four different (more a dot to indicate the presence of other notifications); also in the settings panel dedicated to the options for developers it will be possible to choose the format of the display, among which a format with ‘display cutout’ that can be modified in three different sizes.

In addition to the notch comes support for the format High Efficiency Image Format (HEIC) introduced last year by Apple for images. So much color and small changes are for the moment the juice of this first developer preview of Android P, which will surely be destined with time to undergo several changes but also to receive new features that Google will gradually introduce.

By the way, Android P does not support Nexus P6, 5X and all previous Nexus models. To make a comparison, it is as if Apple with the next iOS 12 no longer support iPhone 6s and previous models.

We just have to wait for the next developer preview, expected for the month of May, so as to understand what Google will have in store for its users.

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