47% of smartphone buyers choose a model with a 5-inch or larger screen


1PasswordEvery second consumer timing to buy a smartphone in the next three months , wants to buy a device with a large screen . This is reported by ChangeWave Research analysts citing its own research . Thus , experts refute rumors of reducing consumer demand for ” phablet”

According to research analysts ChangeWave, 47% of users planning in the near future to get a smartphone, glances in the direction of phones with a 5-inch or larger screen . The survey involved 4413 people, most of whom live in the United States . Respondents were asked one question – ” Are you planning to buy a smartphone with a screen of 5 inches or more .” Since December last year, the proportion of users that meet positively increased by 7 %.

“Samsung is a market leader in large-scale devices – two of the three sets of Korean users (64% , up 6 %) are interested in purchasing a smartphone with a screen of 5 inches or more. At the same time , the percentage of supporters of other brands who are interested in buying planshetofonov increased since September of last year by 13 % (from 26 % in autumn 2013th to 39% in this survey ) . This is a clear sign that interest in such devices is not reduced , “- writes ChangeWave Research.

Previously Apple analysts have found that the screen size and the cost of smartphones are the main factors that have affected the lower growth in sales iPhone. Company probably decided to follow market trends . Rumored to be in Cupertino prepare two new iPhone models with larger screen diagonal of 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively .

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