5.8-inch iPhone 8 to Feature 5.15-inch Display And Virtual Buttons Below



According to the reliable source KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 8 will adopt a new “Function Area” at the bottom of the display, which will replace the current Home button. This feature can be integrated with the new 5.8-inch design of the device with the display, which will be free of frames and visible buttons on the front.

This “functional area” will be available where it is currently the home button and will also replace the Touch ID. According to Kuo, Apple will compensate for the lack of Touch ID with new biometric technologies can offer similar functionality, but even more precisely. It is not clear how it will be used this new area, but it is very likely that it will offer similar features to the Touch Bar new Mac, with visual and quick action buttons.

The analyst then speaks of the next iPhone size: with the new “function area”, the elimination of the frames and the presence of various sensors below the display, Kuo says that the usable area will be about 5.15-inch, but the entire front part of the device should reach the 5.8 inch.

As for design, the most important change will involve the presence of the OLED screen and a front side entirely of glass, without a frame and with the elimination of the Home button. In practice, according to Kuo the iPhone 8 will adopt a physical 5.8-inch OLED panel, but the actual display area will be about 5.15-inch, and the rest will serve as a space for various functions, including the assignment of virtual keys.

The analyst then confirms the presence of a more powerful battery, but able to occupy less space thanks to a series of new techniques that will be adopted by Apple. Furthermore, Kuo predicts that the iPhone 8 will cost at least $1,000, an amount that has already been mentioned earlier in connection with the anniversary edition “iPhone X ‘. This would have to deal with 50% 60R to higher production costs with respect to LCD devices. About the name, the analysts still out: perhaps they would choose Apple for the iPhone name 8, but if it is something very special to go for iPhone X.

[via 9to5Mac]

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