5 apps you should try after installing OS X Yosemite



We have put together 5 different apps to discover the full potential of the features of OS X Yosemite in all its glory. Applications which pass from password management, tasks and much more. Discover the best apps to start on OS X Yosemite.

The day after the release of OS X Yosemite is where users spend hours admiring the minimalist design of this new operating system for Mac Install applications redo settings and more.; but if you’re new to OS X and you’ve started to Yosemite I discovered some basic applications that test the new features.

Things: The best task manager for ecosystem Apple OS X turns to Yosemite with some minor design improvements but new features. As published yesterday, Things is a clear example of how things should be done in OS X Yosemite with new widgets to behold “Today” in the Notification Center, share for menu extensions, custom actions, and of course, integration with handoff but is not yet available in versions of Things for iPhone and iPad. $49.95 

Wunderlist:  The important thing for iOS and OS X still is Wunderlist. Multi-platform, task management across multiple devices (including web and PC-Windows version) now allows OS X Yosemite fit very nicely. For example, as with the previous application, integrating the widget “Today” Notification Center of OS X. In addition we may also use Safari and other applications in the context menu “Add to Wunderlist” as new work. It’s Free.

Pages: Pages Although not only, but all the old iWork and iHome (GaregeBand, iPhoto and iMovie) suite have been updated to adapt their designs completely OS X Yosemite. But the change in design is not all that has been renewed in the suite also has added new features such as support for iCloud Drive, Apple’s new cloud Handoff well to take advantage of the experience across multiple Apple devices. As if that were not enough, in the case of the iWork suite have also added new tools. It’s Free.

1Password: From task managers to password managers. Apple can do things well with iCloud but nothing like 1Password Keychain to store your passwords, logins and even notes that could be considered of high importance. Union with OS X Yosemite, first, includes a design change towards more minimalist including Dark Mode how interest has raised some users. In addition there have also been added to the new Safari extensions. $34.99 

Airmail 2.0
Airmail 2.0: Managers passwords, tasks and email now. The native mail client for OS X Yosemite is good, with some improvements in inserting images and other Airmail but 2.0 is really excellent. Although the design also changes, so we will have news about iCloud Drive and new extensions for OS X Yosemite, to directly access messages and even send files quickly through the application. $9.99 



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