5 Awesome Cases for Google Nexus 5 Smartphone

5 Awesome Cases for Google Nexus 5 spigen-sgp-neo-hybrid 5. Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid
We begin our look at the best cases for Google Nexus 5 with this rather elegant number from Spigen, the Neo Hybrid. This case is available in a range of colours including Satin Silver and Metal Slate, but the Champagne Gold is my preferred option here. The case is a combination of two elements – a TPU rear panel and a polycarbonate bumper – that work well together to provide both scratch and impact protection.
4. Armourdillo Hybrid Protective Case
The Armourdillo is a case that we debuted with the Nexus 4, and it returns as a strong option for the Nexus 5. The case is highly protective, with a distinctive armoured design that is evocative of its armadillo namesake. While some bulk is added to the Nexus 5, wireless charging still works as normal. The case comes in five colours too – black, blue, red, purple and green.
3. Spigen SGP Ultra Hybrid
spigen-sgp-ultra-hybrid-for-google-nexus-5-black-p41772-300The Ultra Hybrid is the next Spigen case on our list, and is a cheaper alternative to the Neo Hybrid with a clear plastic rear cover. This allows you to show off the colour of Nexus 5 that you’ve chosen and that lovely Nexus logo, while still protecting it from scratches and other damage. The bumper is available in slightly more boring colours – grey and black – than the Neo Hybrid, but the case is still good-looking overall.

2. ToughGuard Shell

This Nexus 5 cover adds minimal bulk and a pleasant red colour to the Nexus 5, ensuring that all-important scratch protection while keeping the Nexus 5 light and slim. The ToughGuard fits the Nexus 5 perfectly too, with all the right cutouts for the headphone jack, microUSB port and the camera.
1. Spigen SGP Slim Armor Case
spigen-slim-armor-case-for-google-nexus-5-white-p41765-300Our best choice this time round is the Spigen SGP Slim Armor Case, which appears to hit the entire proper notes – a trendy two-tone design, really extensive safety and an even value. The Slim Armor is among the hottest instances for the Nexus 5, and I will surely see why.

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