5-inch display iPhone should increase sales by 15 million



According to research company AlphaWise, smartphone buyers in choosing the new model will prefer devices with a screen about 5 inches . iPhone with such a display , according to analysts , Apple can attract new customers , including the ecosystem of Android. Retaining the same current 4- inch size LCD panels in Cupertino miss the chance to get new users.

AlphaWise decided to find out how to increase the iPhone display five inches impact on Apple sales. It turned out that the model Apple will sell in quantity 66 million. If the phones remain 4 -inch , then sales will match 51 million vehicles. In other words , the increase in diagonal inch iPhone display will provide iPhone sales growth of 15 million units .

Most respondents said that would choose a tube with a larger screen than their current number . In AlphaWise believe that this is due to the fact that smartphones are increasingly being used to surf the Internet , work with documents and watching videos. As analysts , releasing iPhone with a larger screen , Apple will be able to attract the buyers Android-devices Samsung, as large displays , according AlphaWise, a key aspect of the attractiveness of the line Galaxy.


Apple own research also showed that the size of the display is one of the key factors when choosing a mobile device. Whatever may be said supporters four inches , users mostly want a bigger screen . And , if you believe the leaks , Apple has decided to follow this trend. New flagship iPhone 6 should get display with a diagonal of 4.7 inches.

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