Facebook agreed to pay $16 billion for the cross-platform messenger WhatsApp. By some estimates, one-third of funds available to the currently social network . None of the largest Internet companies never laid out the same amount for other projects.

It is assumed that after the absorption of the application will continue to work in semi-independent mode , like Instagram. Chapter WhatsApp assured users that the application will continue to work under the same conditions : for a small fee and no ads interrupting communication.

1. Facebook users

At Facebook, as “old” by the standards of the modern internet business companies have not had a chance to catch up with his crazy WhatsApp growth , especially in Europe and developing countries. This is illustrated by the following infographics made ​​last year by journalists tehnobloga TechCunch.

These data imply that, for example , in Spain WhatsApp already completely replaced the vast majority of smartphone owners Apple ( 97 %) SMS- correspondence. It is likely that a similar situation exists on Android-powered devices . WhatsApp high percentage of users in other countries – 84 % in Italy , 83% in the Netherlands , 81 % in Italy and 69% in Switzerland. Owners share iPhone, actively using Facebook Messenger for correspondence in these ( and most other countries ) is much lower.


2 . WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger

9 months ago the program regularly used by 200 million people around the world (it already had more than Twitter). Recently, the company unveiled a new number – 450 million active users. Every day, it is added to about one million .

With hundreds of millions of users of the application to actively communicate. Back in June last year, the company reported a number of messages sent in 24 hours – $27 billion . In December of 2012 , the figure was $18 billion .

3 . Ahead of the competition

Back in the spring 2013th rumors that messenger can absorb Google. Called and the likely amount of the transaction, funny compared to what Facebook is willing to pay today – one billion dollars.

Google, as reported today by The Information, even was willing to pay just for the promise of WhatsApp to inform her if messenger will receive an offer to purchase . WhatsApp Country founders rejected the deal , and a few months later the company was in the hands of arch- rival Google, Facebook.

4 . WhatsApp supports all mobile platforms

Applications to communicate via WhatsApp exist for all current and many coming down from the stage or niche mobile platforms. Company issued to clients iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia S40/Asha and Symbian.

The only thing that this application is not enough – the client browser and / or desktop operatsionok . Perhaps this is due to the desire of creators necessarily ” tied ” to each user account phone number.

5 . Exit to the emerging markets

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to make the Internet and modern communication available to 5 billion people across the planet. In addition to the Facebook initiative Internet.org joined Nokia, Opera, Samsung, Qualcomm and other companies. WhatsApp success in emerging markets shows that such a messenger – one of the best ways to connect people around the world , regardless of their level of income.

Smartphones at $50 and regular phones with internet 20 (or even less ) will be sold in the coming years, hundreds of millions , if not billions of pieces. One of the first applications that will put them on the buyers , it is sure to become WhatsApp.

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