5 a hit and 5 failed tasks of Steve Jobs [infographics]


Steve-jobs-11Steve Jobs, American engineer and entrepreneur, founder and inspirer of Apple, the largest manufacturer of computer electronics, died October 5, 2011 at age 56 after a long illness. Creator of a Californian company and one of the leaders of the studio Pixar died, being one of the richest Americans in 2011, with assets valued at $ 7 billion, but in the life of Steve Jobs, as in a person’s life, had its ups and downs.

Today, Steve Jobs remembered primarily as the “father of the digital revolution,” to create the iPod, smart phones iPhone, Tablet iPad, running the store App Store and the operating system Mac OS X. Popular Soup Apple really made world famous. But deep in the archives of the Cupertino store information on a variety of devices that have become a real commercial failure. Some products are doomed to failure adequately inflated price, others were poorly designed both for functional and technically or simply ahead of its time.


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