Tech-bloggers have already pored over the phone, analyzing its every feature and while speculation on the business implications for manufacturer Motorola and exclusive carrier Verizon. Still, on launch day some bloggers were taken aback by events and features they had not anticipated. The Wire rounds up the top five:

Heavy Excitement But Light Lines  Various tech columnists are following the debut of the Droid in Verizon stores across America, and nearly all are repeating the same observation: Droid is generating lines of eager buyers, but the lines aren't very long, noticeably shorter than the ones that congregated outside Apple stores for the iPhone launch.

Sears Sells Droid? And Cheaper Too? Engadget's Chris Ziegler is astonished and delighted to learn that the historic department store carries the Droid online, and for $50 cheaper than anywhere else

Motorola's Missing Out GigaOm's Colin Gibbs observes, noting that Droid's manufacturer isn't basking in the spotlight of its newest product.

Dual Droids  As Andrew LaVallee points out in the Wall Street Journal, prospective Droid buyers will actually have two options to choose from: the Motorola Droid, which has been covered and hyped by tech blogs for months, and the HTC Droid Eris, which has enjoyed significantly less publicity, only recently coming to the attention of tech bloggers.

Tethering Too Pricey  At PCWorld, Tony Bradley welcomes the fact that unlike the iPhone, the Droid offers tethering, the ability to turn the phone into an Internet connection for laptops and other mobile devices.

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