It’s been a hangover from the presentation of the latest model of Apple’s smartphone; the iPhone 6s is here and we know everything about Apple’s smartphone. Or not, so today we bring you five details you probably did not know for sure about this great smartphone. Without doubt, a bestseller with the advent of 3D Touch and iOS 9 seems to be why Apple wants to give a great blow. So, do not miss these details about the iPhone 6s.

2GB of RAM


Cuantísimo has been rumored about this issue, of the need to expand the RAM up to 2GB for iPhone not stay behind the competition. As it is, it has been confirmed by many as sufficiently reliable sources that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus include 2GB of RAM inside, double the RAM capacity offered by its predecessor, the iPhone 6 and accompanied by the new A9 chip with integrated co-processor M9, which undoubtedly represents a fairly significant jump power.



The new iPhone has gained not in exact size, but in total weight, and the iPhone iPhone 6s and 6s Plus weigh 11% more than the previous version. This is due to the replacement of hardware on the inside and the inclusion of new táptica response system. Besides this, the new iPhone is manufactured in aluminum 7000 series which offers greater rigidity and a reliable construction that helps prevent the famous “bendgate” but unfortunately also weighs more. However, it seems that this increase is not a compelling reason to opt for one or the other.

Less battery, same duration


The 3D video presentation Touch left us a small glimpse of what would be the iPhone battery 6s. Silkscreen showing battery 1715mAh let us appreciate his, a reduction of almost 100mAh, as its predecessor, the iPhone 6s offered a capacity of 1810mAh. Similarly, the iPhone battery 6s Plus has been reduced from 2910mAh up to 2750mAh, it seems that Apple did not think much about the battery issue. But do not throw the bells ringing yet, despite the increase in hardware, chip integration M9 and the arrival of iOS in September takes Tim Cook to promise that the battery life of the iPhone Plus 6s and 6s remain the same statistics than the previous version.

The high connectivity at maximum power

The iPhone 6s  overgrown brother added support for more than twenty bands LTE (4G), three more than the previous iPhone model and 8 bands bands than the iPhone 5C. This makes the iPhone 6s on a device that is very easy to travel without losing your connection speed, but not only that, the power of WiFi has also been increased to 300Mbps, the antenna will have greater scope and will support the new generation device LTE Advance.

The camera detail


Improvements in the chambers of the Apple devices are already a classic, Apple has increased 8MP to 12MP rear camera iPhone 1.2MP 6s and a 5MP front camera so we can enjoy some top quality selfies. What you may not know is that the size of the pixels of the camera of the new iPhone have declined 1.5μ to 1.22μ and capture panoramic photographs has been significantly improved to reach the 63MP.

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