Apple uses a high-performance components to achieve unsurpassed performance on smartphones and tablets. At the same time, program restrictions, animation and other iOS 7 features is adversely affected by the speed of the mobile devices. Problem can be solved without special tweaks from Cydia. By using the default settings of the operating system, you can improve the performance of your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

1. Updating to iOS 7.1

Researchers compare the performance of the iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1.3, iOS 7.0 and iOS 7.1, argue that the latest build smartphone is much faster than previous releases. Fastest iPhone 4 worked under iOS 6.1.3. After the transition to iOS 7.0, performance went down, upgrade to iOS 7.1 improve performance. Phone became responsive to user much better places without any annoying pauses. This has been achieved by optimizing the mobile operating system.

Therefore, if you have not updated your device to iOS 7.1, it makes sense to do it. True, for hacked gadgets that would mean the loss of jailbreak.

2. Disable background refresh of applications

In iOS 7, apps are able to load information in the background. Previously, this was not possible, and now, it is a very useful feature. However, it consumes battery and load additional iPhone processing power. Proceed to Settings -> General -> Update content and disable the services in the background. The feature can be switched off completely or limit its use for some applications. We recommend the first option.

3. Disabling parallax effect and frosted glass

Apple probably spent a lot of time to create parallax effect for wallpaper, creating a pseudo-three-dimensional effect: menus, icons, alert, slightly changing its appearance when tilting devices. This feature is  fairly minor, but consumes CPU time. So go at Settings -> General -> Universal access point and activate the “Reducing the movement.”

Many items are made with iOS 7 of surround effects, the layers above the main interface. While everything below becomes blurred as behind frosted glass. Turn off translucency UI you can go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Increasing the contrast. By default, the switch is in the “Off”.Muted effect works visually faster, especially not on newest models

4. Reset dictionaries and settings

One of the most frequent complaints of iPhone 4 is the keyboard latency. In some cases, resetting the keyboard dictionary from Settings -> General -> Reset can help . The dictionary in iOS 7 continuously adds new words that the user corrects as working with text information. Large base can cause lag. Also consider turning off the keyboard with the “smiley”.

If the process does not improve the iPhone 4/4s performance, you should use “Reset all settings”. This option lets you to reset all the settings on your mobile device, without losing information in the phone. After clicking a notification will appear. “Do you really want to continue? All settings will be reset. Information and media will remain. ”

5. Deleting unused data and full reset

Smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop computers, also should be kept clean and in order. Find a list of installed programs, ordered by the size of the data they occupied, in the firmware settings. To do this, open the main menu and go to the statistics. iOS 7 show the size of the downloaded software and allows you to quickly free up memory on the device.

If “cleaning” does not help, you can make a full recovery of the device. Very useful if you experience problems with your mobile device. In Settings -> General -> Reset need to click Erase All Content and Settings. This action is irreversible. ” Phone turns off after 2 minutes and turn on again.

After turning iPhone, you will be ask to activate, during which you will need access to the Internet. Accordingly, without access to the Internet entirely discarded gadget launch. IOS 7 will then configure the gadget as new or restore from backup. Upon completion you will be have clean your iPhone 4/4s from cluster.

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