500,000 applications for the App Store and 100 million downloads for the Mac App Store


As mentioned within the press release, the App Store  is likely to have 500,000 applications downloaded . Even better, each month is one billion applicationsare downloadedYes, a billion apps … Moreover, the Mac App Store is not left behind since it has also reached the 100 million download s, all in just under a year. And we must also say that it is not surprising, it's very convenient to find
all applications in one place …


And inevitably, the more time will pass and publishers will go for the Mac App Store to sell their software.In the words of Autodesk , the advantage of Apple's application stores is that you can touch millions of consumers around the world. What does not an official site, for example. The same goes for the makers ofPixelmator , however, who managed to boost their figures something good through the Apple Store. In this context, we understand why the AppStore and the Mac App Store are on the rise. Personally, if I iOS developer or Mac applications and if I had to spread, I would not seek 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. and I think it is the same for a bunch of people.

So of course, behind, you still know that Apple takes its share. That said, it still earns 30% more to lose millions of sales at 100% of pocketing a few thousand sales, right? Somehow, we can say that the calculation is quick and it also explains the undeniable success of virtual stores in Cupertino


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