fifty one,000 iPads Offered in two hours


 By 11:05am EST the group had received 15 confirmations with order numbers reaching 74,000. The iPad went up for pre-order at 08:30 EST.

"51,000 orders in two hours," announced Victor Castroll an analyst with Valcent Financial Group. His estimate takes into account roughly 15,000 non-iPad orders that come in every day. 

Silicon Alley Insider posted a similar 20,000-per-hour figure based on two sales made 30 minutes apart whose order numbers differed by 10,000.

Fortune report that rumors
from the supply chain suggest that Apple may only have 300,000 units available for sale on April 3.

According to the spreadsheet, 25% pre-ordered Wi-Fi + 3G models and 25% ordered the largest, 64 GB model. A quarter of them also ordered two iPads.[via brainstormtech]


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