5g network

Ming-Chi Kuo reports some new evidence shows that the 5G iPhone may not support the 2×2 MIMO uplink as it was initially expected.

TF Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo said in June 2019 that the launch of the iPhone 5G would be of great benefit to the WIN SEMI, and Broadcom vendors given that the devices would be equipped with six power amplifiers for the 5G network.

However, Kuo has now substantially reduced those expectations. The iPhone 12 should only include one or two power amplifiers, so the first iPhone 5G will most likely not support the 2×2 MIMO uplink. This lack will reduce the theoretical maximum upload speed, however, the user will hardly pick up this limitation.

Most 5G infrastructures are still relatively new, so it is possible that a user may not see a clear difference in the upload speeds. However, over the years, the refinement of 5G networks will become more pronounced.

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