LARGO, FL – Kimberly Broffman, only six years old, may be evicted from her home!

Kimberly lives with her grandparents, her legal guardians, in their home in a retirement community. But she may soon be forcibly removed.

Kimberly came to live with Jimmy and Judie Stottler when her mother, a drug user, was deemed unfit to be her legal guardian.

The Lakes Homeowners Association has been stating for years that Kimberly must leave, as one of the rules of the retirement community is that all residents must be 55 years of age or older.

While the Broffmans would be happy to leave, the housing crisis has made it impossible for them to sell their home. They have gone so far as to lower the price from $225,000 to $129,000, but have had no luck.

Soon, a judge may be ordering Kimberly evicted and placed with foster parents!

Watch the video below to meet this poor child:


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