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Some people have called Apple last presentation of non-standard , since  the new  iOS 7 firmware and  the new iPhone 5s specs were not the main focus. However, the most discussed improvements were the camera , fingerprint reader , and the A7 processor – which is the first 64 -bit chip in the mobile market.

As always, Apple keeps a low profile regarding the internals of its chip-house developments. In the keynote speech at the launch of the iPhone 5S in Cupertino, California, was head of marketing Phil Schiller just announced that the 102 mm 2 was large and the number of registers has been doubled compared to its predecessor –  This was explained, the new chip containing more than 1 billion transistors.

Since Apple has developed its own ARM-compatible micro-architecture “Swift” thanks to its ARM architecture license with the A6, which has proved to be very energy efficient and ARM 64-bit core Cortex-A57 for energetic reasons exclusively in combination with the Cortex-A53 could be used in battery-operated devices, it is to be regarded as certain that the A7 will be delivered in a “Swift +” dual-core configuration.

Interesting news there is to report on the GPU This was the first the support of Open GL ES 3.0.announced. If this is correct, one can deduce that neither the GPU used in the A6 type nor the PowerVR SGX 543 GPU used in A6X type PowerVR SGX 554 is used – that both do not support Open GL ES 3.0.Possible alternatives for Apple are ARMs Mali-T6XX series or Imaginations PowerVR Series6 known (codenamed “Rogue”).

If one still assumes that the manufacturing process unchanged 32-nm-High/K-Metal-Gate is used and that the chip area very moderate of 96.71 mm 2 (A6) to 102 mm 2 is increased, is still virtually excluded, that Apple instead of the TriCore GPU of the A6 on a quad-core GPU as the iPhone 4 comes in A6X used, is used. The A6X occupied namely 123 mm 2 silicon area because the GPU cores are the dominant “area consumers” are in addition to the on-chip memory.

To accelerate the already fast anyway in the A6 memory interface, a 64-bit quad-channel interface to 1GB LPDDR3-1333 RAM is essential.



Continues to be the query of the frequency: ARM itself mentioned that the sixty four-bit Cortex-A57 in comparison with the Cortex-A15 is the same manufacturing course of 17-30% quicker. Apple has said that the A7 double the CPU energy because the A6 will endure – most definitely measured in selective benchmarks, through which sure, the instrument performs a a very powerful position, particularly because the new working gadget iOS7 will present sixty four-bit drivers.

We consider that the pure hardware efficiency of CPU cores has elevated by means of greater than 30% and the remainder of the sooner reminiscence interface and sixty four-bit drivers come. To succeed in the talked about Apple battery lifestyles, given a ten% larger battery capability (the battery of the iPhone 5S is for documentation of FDD 5.ninety six as an alternative of 5.forty five Wh Wh be the iPhone 5), the clock frequency is probably going, regardless of the co-referred to as M7 processor, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass monitored and the A7 so relieved to had been raised to a most of 1.5 GHz – if ever.

Having been up to now through all holders of ARM structure license the California chip maker Qualcomm with its micro-architectures “Scorpion” (type ARM Cortex-A8, 32 bit single core) and “Krait” (type ARM Cortex-A15, 32-bit multi- core) at all times got here to the market first, the chip designers from Apple with the A7 (classification ARM Cortex-A57, sixty four-bit multi-core) have for the primary time within the lead – at the least as regards the date of market entry.

One factor is handiest sure that the Korean rival Samsung will practice go well with. In an interview with the Korea Occasions verified Shin Jong-kyun, head of cellular trade at Samsung, the following Samsung Galaxy smartphone will even depend on sixty four-bit processors. It’s assumed that the in-home Exynos processors might be geared up in a Large.LITTLE configuration with ARM’s Cortex-A57 and-A53 cores, due to the fact Samsung has been all the time set to unique ARM core and to not their very own traits.

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