A  sixty four GB prototypes of iPhone four  would promote below the cloak in keeping with Hong Kong Unwire ( via ). Ability appears in the camera settings (59.1 GB usable) but the back displays a "XXGB" reminiscent of the prototype that had obtained Gizmodo a few months before the release of   iPhone 4



Some models sell gray market Tak Sin, who is one of the most popular Hong Kong. Quantity, limited but sufficient to constitute a trade, suggests that these prototypes are from one of the last stages of design, which are produced in limited series of devices to be tested. Most information is well hidden: the iPhone feature iOS 4.1 ( build 8B117 is to say the final), but their model number is XXXXX, and FCC ID is XXXXXX-BGC.


Apple has thought about a 64GB iPhone 4 seems more than likely, the first two iPhone peaked at 16 GB, while the two most recent take on board more than 32 GB of memory. If not for this model, this will certainly be the next. In the meantime, we will take a bit of iPhone 4 white: it would sell in China which would be the final models, announcing the imminent release of the iPhone that hardly anyone is waiting.

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