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ios 7 Section of the site App Store Distribution updated and now features new data on the percentage of users of iOS 7 to users of other versions iOS. According to new data , 82 % of owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch went to the seventh version of the operating system. Two weeks iOS 7 share increased by 2% . Information about the prevalence of OS collected via the app store Apple.

The site includes an interesting statistic mobile ecosystem . 82 % of users who visited recently in the App Store, using the seventh edition of the operating system , while at the end of January the figure was 80%. As for iOS 6 , it uses only 15 % of visitors to the online store Apple (-2%). On older versions of the works 3% of all devices.

iOS 7 bypasses the pace of adaptation of iOS 6 , the final version of which in 2012 a month after its release worked 63% of all devices Apple. Overtakes “Seven” in terms of mobile operating system and Google.

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Figures 7 iOS do not go to any comparison with Android 4.4 KitKat. Last week , Google announced that the latest version of its mobile platform , which was published three months ago are only 1.8 % of devices . For comparison , the operating system iOS 7 only for the first 24 hours after the release of upgraded 22 % of all users . The difference in numbers is because the update to produce dozens of different manufacturers, and they come from iOS centralized and responsible for them, only Apple.

The remaining people are not moving to iOS 7 not only because of personal antipathy to design OS devoid elements , but also because of its function is not available for the previous generation model .

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