eighty five% of iOS 7 customers don’t use Siri



With the advent of Siri competitors were defeated : Apple offered to owners of mobile virtual assistant who , based on artificial intelligence , appears sensible Secretary compliant directory , all-knowing guide and even fun digital critter . Most importantly, the voice assistant understands almost any cast in a natural language voice commands and is a dialogue with the user.

The research company Intelligent Voice decided to find out how much demand intellectual know-how mobile users. They interviewed 2,330 owners of Apple smartphones and tablets running on iOS 7 , dividing the respondents into two groups. The first group was asked the question :

” Does Apple overestimates the possibility of Siri to recognize voice? ‘. According to the survey , 54 % of users do not agree with this statement . According to them , the personal assistant is working “as stated by the manufacturer .”


The second group was asked to evaluate the quality of voice technology Apple. 43% of respondents said that Siri understands them accurately . 29.3 % say that the technology is not working correctly , but it can be used . Only 12.7% of respondents said that Siri is very accurate in recognizing voice commands.


Of those who used a virtual assistant, most of the limited basic features Siri, such as a call to the party or sending SMS. Some of these simple operations were available in previous models of iPhone Voice Control means .


On the related time , because the Clever Voice, eighty four,eight% of peole sing iOS 7 surveyed by no means addressed to the voice assistant Apple. The find out about used to be carried out within the U.S. from October 9 to October sixteen, 2013 .

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