9.7-inch iPad Pro may feature 12MP camera, 4k video



If all the rumors are met, the next iPad 9.7 inch will be the most interesting Apple tablet. These rumors say the 9.7 inch iPad design Pro will be the same as what was presented last October, which will include four speakers and Smart Connector, but there are several important differences, the first one in the chamber: the model 12.9 inch include an 8MP, but Mark Gurman sources say 9.7 inch model will have the same as the iPhone 6s, resulting in 12MP. As if that were not enough, the full-size iPad will also have a flash for photos.

Using the same camera as the iPhone 6s, Apple also bet on the photos on your tablet, something that, while it is true that we can not say that the cameras recent iPads are bad, so is that they are far from those of iPhone. Much of the blame of this is that Apple tablets have flash and, in my opinion, just take good pictures in well lit environments (and sometimes not so)

If we consider the difference in size and will use the same internal components, we can say that the 9.7-inch model will be more powerful than 12.9 inches. Both will have the A9X processor but a smaller screen requires less effort, so they would gain power. On the other hand, things could be equated if Apple decides to include in the less large model, a 4K screen, in which case they would have to wait for the first benchmarks to see which of the two best score shows.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro should appear next to the iPhone sometime in March. There are two rumors, one that ensures that will be presented on Tuesday 15 March and one that we see for the first time on 21 March. According Gurman, the device will go on sale on Friday of the same week in which it is presented.

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