Differences Between 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Vs 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Vs Air 2 Vs mini 4



Both have the iPad Pro name, yet the two models that make up this range is more distinguished than what Apple was willing to believe. While the new iPad 9.7-inch iPad Pro gets some features of the 12.9-inch model released in Fall 2015, as the processor, the four speakers or support specific accessories. Nevertheless, there are also differences, many differences …

This is perhaps the biggest difference between the two models in any case that meets the eye … literally too, since the goal beyond the back of the new tablet. The iPad 9.7 inch Pro has better film unit as its big brother, yet out there less than six months ..

In return for this excess, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro display with 12 megapixels, against 8 megapixel “only” for the 12.9 inches model . And that’s not all: the opening passes ƒ / 2.2 (against ƒ / 2.4 on all other iPad so far), the development is faster and more accurate through the ” Focus Pixels “, the panoramic climb to 63 Megapixel (MP against 43 for other tablets) and the HDR mode is able to activate automatically when necessary.
Let us add that one can shoot in 4K on the 10-inch model, the 1080p only 13 inches and idle 1080p (against 720p only). As many differences as we can summarize by saying that we have the same camera as the iPhone 6s (not Plus). It also has certain features, such as Live Photo … even if 3D Touch is still conspicuously absent.

At the rear, it also has a flash, a first on an iPad. For the occasion, Apple has used the same model as its iPhone, namely a Flash TruTone more or less warm as needed. Up front, the iPad 9.7 inch Pro also exceeds the most expensive version, with a 5 MP camera (it was previously 1.2 MP) and the Retina Flash that was discovered on the iPhone 6s . Recall that the entire screen is lit to illuminate the subject, again with a white more or less warm as needed.



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