A 4-inch screen for the iPhone 5?


An even bigger reveal iPhone, any person in reality?&#one hundred sixty;In keeping with the Jap website online&#one hundred sixty;Macotakara , Apple has begun to receive  slabs 4 inches for a future iOS device. Could it be for the iPhone 5? components come out of the factories of Hitachi and Sony. This information glue the rumor that the next iPhone will adopt a larger screen than the current 3.5-inch.

COncept-iPhone-5 (1)

As you know, various studies have shown that an iPhone is pleasant to use (from the point of view of actions), because that screen size does not exceed 3.8 inches. In addition, if we except a little larger than average, the manipulations are more troublesome. However, Apple may have found that the 4-inch size limit would be acceptable …

But that's not all, Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba have signed a partnership to form the largest supplier of screens in the world, which responds to the name "Japan Display" (launch scheduled for next year). There is no doubt that Apple would benefit from the creation of Japan Display to set the distance for the provision of Samsung screens. Given the legal disputes between Samsung and Apple, and Apple's enormous weight on the market today, this change in strategy could be very expensive for Samsung …


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